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Strategic Partner Services

At BizplanSource we maintain many strategic partnerships with
other organizations that offer services that can bring value to
your business plan.

The following companies are current strategic partners with BizplanSource.
Contact Us for more information on
any of their services.

Trilogy Coaching

Trilogy Coaching offers business-coaching services for
managers, executives, and teams. Designed for people who are looking
to be more successful at work and to create the conditions for
success, Trilogy’s coaching services will help you to keep on
track to the goals designed into your business plan. Your ability
to change and grow is greatly enhanced with a Coach by your side,
guiding and encouraging you along the path. Coaching assists in
motivation, focus, skill-building, challenge, expertise and evaluation

As part of the strategic relationship with BizplanSource, Trilogy
Coaching offers a 25% discount on a business assessment for
up to four people. This business assessment is an excellent
way to evaluate the skillsets of your management team, understanding
its strengths and weaknesses. The more information you have
on the effectiveness of your management team, the more likely
your company will be a success. Contact
for more information on Trilogy Coaching.

Media, Inc. 

BizplanSource is pleased to have a strategic partnership with
MultiMode Media. MultiMode Media specializes in the production
of corporate video presentations focused on customized issues
for the corporate community. In conjunction with BizplanSource,
MultiMode Media will be offering Video Business Plans. In this
5-minute format presentation, the entire contents of your business
plan will be summarized, using state-of-the-art graphics in
coordination with live actors, voice overs, background music,
and live testimonials from your customers. The result will be
a video of your business plan which can be presented on either
VHS tape, CD-ROM, or live from your website. Click on the camera
icon above to see a short video identifying some of MultiMode
Media’s past customers.

MSI International

MSI International is a global leader in recruiting
and human-resource consulting services. They have been supporting
the growth and success of companies and enhancing the careers
of professionals since 1968. With offices throughout the country
and affiliates in Europe,they offer worldwide resources and
expertise. MSI provides permanent and contract placement in
these industries: Accounting, Banking, BioMedical, Construction,
Healthcare, Information Technology, Legal, Manufacturing, Physicians,
Sales and Telecommunications.


Sponsera works with promising technologists, helping to commercialize
technologies including industrial processes, industrial products,
and inventions. Sponsera contributes money, management, business
development, intellectual and property assistance.