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Our History
Adam Greengrass founded BizplanSource in early 1991 as an extension
of his own independent consulting services. The Company was incorporated
in the State of California in 2000.
Mr. Greengrass has spent the last 16 years in the Information Technology industry and has extensive business experience coupled with an innate ability to recognize and target business value. Over the course of the last 8 years, BizplanSource has authored over 120 business plans. For testimonials to our business plan creation success, please see Our References.


Why Write A Business Plan?Most business start-ups will fail. That’s a pretty depressing thought! But there is one way that you can greatly increase your chances of success: by writing a solid business plan.A business plan is a written statement of your definitions, plans, and projections for your new business. Banks and venture capitalists require such a plan before they’ll provide funding. You may have decided you don’t need a business plan since you don’t need start-up funding, but it’s a smart idea nevertheless. This is what a business plan does for you:

A business plan forces you to think through your strategy carefully and spot holes in your business concept that you’d otherwise miss;
The process of researching and writing forces you to think and plan – and careful planning is one of the keys to success;
A business plan is a tool that you can utilize to get critical feedback on your business. You can share your business plan with your CPA, lawyer, business associates, friends, and family. The more critiquing your business plan can receive prior to execution, the better prepared the business will be.
A business plan helps you keep on track. Since you’ll know your break-even points, you’ll be able to judge where you are much better, and be motivated to meet stated objectives and milestones.
A business plan forces you to assess your competitors. The competitive analysis it contains will help you to differentiate your business and thus increase its chances to stand out and attract new customers.

The Key elements Of A Business Plan

The key elements of a Business Plan include:

Executive Summary
Market Plan
Sales Plan
Organization and Operations

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