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BizplanSource Recommended Resources

The following are links to various resources on the Internet for people interested in writing their own business plan.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has excellent resources on starting a business and on financing. Additionally, the SBA has an excellent resource for laying out your own business plan, including a detailed description of a business plan's contents as well as a step-by-step action plan for creating one yourself. Click Here to see what business plan resources the SBA can offer you.

Palo Alto Software publishes BusinessPlan Pro, a business plan software package. Additionally, Palo Alto Software has created a tremendous set of business plan resources, including sample plans, reports, marketing information, and loads of other useful tips at their PlanVillage site. sells a number of excellent books on business plans. To see a list of the books that we specifically recommend, click here.

BizMiner Industry Profiles
Get the latest industry trend and financial data for your business plan. Search the Bizminer database of 19,000 businesses and industries for fast access to key data for your business plan, loan application or strategic growth plan. Bizminer provides statistics and 3D charts inexpensively in a 6-page profile. These reports include: Staffing Levels, Annual Sales and Growth, Market Volume, Industry Consolidation, High Growth Firms, Balance Sheet Benchmarks, Business Survival Risk, Sales per Employee, Startup Activity Rates, New Branch Rates, Key Financial Ratios, Profitability Reports, and other information. Bizminer provides critical information at affordable prices. Check them out today!

Cash Plan Pro
Use Cash Plan Pro with Business Plan Pro to extend your cash flow plan. Track and budget easily with Cash Plan Pro.
The Most Free Software Tools on the Web - The Knowledge Exchange, is a privately held, Discovery Bay, California based company that has rapidly become the trusted marketplace for thousands of employees and professionals to share their proven software tool.

Web Strategy Pro
Make your web site work for you. Plan it effectively and quickly with Web Strategy Pro.